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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan introduced Do No Harm at its Chicago premiere. Watch it here.
Do No Harm tells the story of two reluctant whistleblowers in a small Georgia town who endure relentless attacks as they struggle to draw national attention to hospital corruption and the plight of the uninsured.

At the center of this story is Phoebe Putney, a non-profit hospital in Albany, Georgia whose influence is felt by most residents - everyone knows someone who works at Phoebe, owes Phoebe money, or who has been to the hospital for treatment.

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Charles Rehberg's case against James Paulk, an investigator for former Albany DA Ken Hodges, went all the way to The United States Supreme Court. This week, the court gave its opinion, finding: "Prosecutors who presented perjured testimony to a grand jury are entitled to immunity," according to an article Courthouse News. You can read the full article, which also gives a history of the case, here.

Charles Rehberg's case against James Paulk will continue in Federal Court in Albany, most likely in the fall.

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