CES 2024: This device teaches your dog to play the piano

Surely this takes the cake for wackiest tech at CES 2024?

Dog playing piano

Image: Mint Images / Getty Images

CES 2024: ‘How great is your dog at playing the piano’ might sound like a ridiculous question to you, but it’s one that ZooGears, the Hong Kong-based startup behind this smart instrument for dogs, could very well offer the answer to.

Advancing the musical prowess of our furry friends is TheButter, a four-key instrument with pads that light up so your pup can ‘play’ it. All you have to do is load your preferred song onto the device via a mobile app. The keys will then light up in a specific sequence, which your dog can now follow, producing the ‘notes’ of the song.

As Dr. Pavlov would have it, you should reward your pup with a treat or prize once they’re done with the session. The idea is that with enough repetition, your pet will end up mastering those tracks as seen in the video below.

According to ZooGears, TheButter is made from the same materials used for kids, specifically SMMA, SAN, PP, and silicone. These 100% pet-safe, BPA-free, reliable and recyclable materials are scratch-resistant, durable, and made to serve water to your pets safely for years.

Also in development is TheBiscuit, a $299 device that works similarly to TheButter, but with the addition of an automatic food dispenser. Though beware that your status as dog feeder might be rendered void once your dog learns how to hammer out The Beatles’ Let It Be — and those doggie biscuits on their own.

First launched on Kickstarter in 2023, ZooGears was an instant hit and has since earned more than four times its initial HK$ 50,000 goal for TheButter.

The instrument is now available for purchase in the US for $99. Each purchase will also include a companion app that will guide you through your fur kid’s training progress. Because who doesn’t want to witness the glorious journey of the next Paw McCartney, am I right?

Learn more at Zoo Gear’s official website.


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