January 2024’s best new sample packs for all genres

Our monthly round-up of the hottest sample releases, including angelic choirs, LoFi pianos, percussive afro-house and more.

Musician working on a track in a studio, photo by Alberto Case via Getty Images

Musician working on a track in a studio, photo. Image: Alberto Case via Getty Images

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The holiday season saw some fantastic sample releases, and we’ve put together a list of our favourites. Our top picks for January include epic orchestral strings, deep cinematic cellos, drones and synths, some thoughtful house music vocals, a unique AI pack generator and more.

Output – Co-Producer: Pack Generator

Free to download

Output’s new online service is an intriguing new take on AI that generates a bespoke, royalty-free sample pack for you. And it won’t cost you a dime.

You simply type a series of prompts into the website, which can be a combination of moods, instruments, genres, or artist references, plus keys and tempos, and then click to generate new samples. You’re then presented with 4 demo tracks (with stems) and a handful of samples that you can download and use.

Pack Generator essentially curates, combines and re-synthesises audio from Output’s extensive library and presents it in a unique package. It’s the first part of a new series of AI tools from the developer, with the overall aim of helping music makers unlock their creativity.

Download at output.com

Organic Loops – Deep Sampled Vol.1 Cinematic Cell


It’s always interesting to hear instruments taken out of their comfort zone. This experimental pack from Organic Loops has been crafted by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Painter, and includes a unique blend of natural and processed cello sounds that’s perfect for atmospheric and cinematic work.

There are 49 loops and 39 one-shots that cover morphing, bowed textures, rich swells, and rhythmic percussion patterns, all created with the cello as a sound source. Additional processing via analogue tape saturation, granular delays, and feedback help to give the pack its unique, immersive sound.

Download at loopcloud.com

UVI – Noctua

Free to download

Renowned sound designer and YouTuber Venus Theory has teamed up with UVI to create this free cinematic soundscape instrument.

It runs in the UVI Workstation sampler (which is also free) and lets you blend three layers of sounds that have been hand-crafted on an array of hardware synths, boutique effects and hand-built instruments.

Each layer has discrete microtonal sequencers and custom-designed single-knob effects, and all can be run through reverb, delay and master bus processing for some final polish. You also get 100 presets that have been created by Venus Theory and the UVI sound design team, which showcase a blend of moody, cinematic textures.

Download at uvi.net

Loopmasters – House of Love Vocals


Dance music vocal packs often fall into the trap of using cliched phrases and styles, which is why this new release from Loopmasters feels like a breath of fresh air.

It features four female vocal song kits at 123 bpm, which are packed with haunting and thoughtful melodies and lyrics. The 264 loops are split into lead vocals, harmonies and adlibs, with both dry and wet versions for added flexibility. You could easily use longer passages, or just hand-pick a few key phrases to help add an emotional human touch to your club track.

Download at loopcloud.com

Sonokinetic – Tutti Free

Free to download (requires Kontakt 7.7.2+)

Tutti was one of the first orchestral products released by Sonokinetic, but it’s now being retired. Thankfully, the company has seen fit to repackage some of the best hits and flourishes into a free instrument for Kontakt 7.7.2.

Tutti Free features full symphony orchestra hits and stabs, textures, crescendi and glissandi with a dramatic, cinematic edge. There are 216 samples in total, weighing in at 445 MB. The interface is a simple load-and-play affair but, as a nice touch, you also get an orchestral score for each sample.

Download at sonokinetic.net

BandLab Sounds – Mors Presents Dark Emo Moods

Free to download

BandLab Sounds has an ever-growing collection of free sample packs that are well worth checking out.

The latest release sees platinum producer Mors bringing his atmospheric touch to this free library of moody synths, emotive guitars, delicate percussion and deep pads. These include a broad collection of 64 loops from 70 to 180 bpm, and 36 useful one-shots. Of special interest are 14 strummed guitar chords in different keys. Everything has a muted, organic edge, with careful use of reverb and processing for added character and vibe.

Download at bandlab.com

[Editor’s note: BandLab and BandLab Sounds are part of Caldecott Music Group, the parent company of NME Networks and MusicTech.]

VSL – Vienna Boys Choir

€165 Standard Library
€255 Full Library

VSL turns its attention to one of the world’s most famous and celebrated choirs, the Vienna Boys Choir.

This new orchestral instrument features the pure vocal tones of 20 choirboys aged between 9 and 14, recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna. Articulations include long notes, short notes, legatos and marcatos for vowel sounds and for humming, plus a selection of consonants. The Full Library version includes eight separate phase-coherent microphone configurations available as separate mixing channels, and the Standard version includes four.

Download at vsl.co.at

ModeAudio – 100 Drones


ModeAudio continues its legacy of beautiful ambient sample pack releases with 100 Drones, a majestic collection of ethereal textures that’s perfect for soundtrack work or atmospheric productions.

The pack weighs in at 529 MB, with 100 samples that have been painstakingly edited to make them loop seamlessly. A rich array of source instruments were heavily processed and transformed into fragile piano textures, evolving ambiences, shimmering guitar layers, resonant tuned percussion, rich analogue synth tones and more.

Download at modeaudio.com

Loopmasters – Dave Anthony Afro House


This massive 1.34 GB pack sees veteran house producer Dave Anthony draw from his two decades of industry experience.

Dave Anthony Afro House features 493 loops and 164 one-shots that encompass the current afro house sound, effortlessly blending organic and synthetic elements. These include pianos, strings, marimbas, kalimbas, mbiras and a diverse selection of percussion instruments, alongside deep sub basses, atmospheric pads, and electrifying arps. As a bonus, you also get 92 MIDI loops for some of the musical parts.

Download at loopcloud.com

Wrongtools – Vinyl Piano

€49 (requires Kontakt 6.4.2 or later)

We’ll finish with this beautiful-sounding piano instrument that’s stuffed with vintage character across its 90 patches.

Wrongtools’ Vinyl Piano loads into Kontakt with a total size of 3.7 GB and 3,200 individual samples. You can expect to find a range of mangled, lo-fi electric piano patches that have been recorded through various analogue mediums and tape machines, and then layered with amp and tape sounds, vinyl artefacts, scratches, dust, wows and flutter. You get various round-robin options, alongside custom IRs and channel strips to further shape the sound. It’s a vibey collection that thrives on the timbral imperfections and is perfect for lo-fi hip-hop or cinematic genres.

Download at wrongtools.com


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